Film Face Plywood

Size : 1220MM*2440MM
Thickness : 8mm, 12mm,15mm, 18mm
Wood Type : Meranti, Tropical Hardwood, Rubber Wood
Adhesive : T-1, T-2, WBP
Film Surface : Singgale Face, Doble Face
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Face Plywood Film is a waterproof multiplex manufactured for covering and forming concrete. This product is reusable and its resistance to shrinkage makes it an economical choice for formwork high-rise construction.

We provide film face plywood or commonly called Plywood Phenolic which is very strong, flat, and durable, which is included in building materials for concrete formwork. Film faced plywood is made of rubber wood plywood, full meranti and some are made from mixed meranti raw materials which are coated with a layer of film to protect one or both sides of the surface. The raw material is a combination of rubber wood, meranti and also sengon using several types of glue that will determine the quality and price. So that customers can choose according to their budget and usage.

The glue we use is WBP Melamine, WBP Phenolic which can provide an excellent balance of strength to weight ratio. In addition, water-resistant paint (melamic) is used for sealing on the edges to protect the product from weather and water entering through side cracks.


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