Size : 1220MM*2440MM
Thickness : 2,7/3,6/5/7,5/8,5/11,5/15/18MM
Wood Type : Meranti, Tropical Hardwood, Falcata
Adhesive : T-1, T-2, WBP
Emission : FE0.5, FE0.3, E-1, F ***, F ****, CARB
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Wood impregnation is used to protect the wood against fungi, mildew and insects, resulting in a more lightweight and durable wood material. This extensive method also helps in minimizing our environmental impact.

During the impregnation process, air is extracted from the wood using vacuum pressure equipment. This process opens the pores of wood, allowing us to inject specific protective chemical into the wood core. After which, the wood will be compressed, let out and hot pressed in the oven before being dried.

The usage of this high-tech impregnation method allows us to create a perfect cut of wood decking. Enables us to reduce waste while ensuring quick deck installation. Our deck is more cost-efficient than solid wood deck.


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